We started almost 25 years ago and we have grown focusing on involvement, passion and a work well-done; learning, we have reached maturity but have never stopped investing and innovating every day.

We have adapted to the changes, we have overcome many obstacles, reaching objectives, goals, etc. And in these 25 years, the Culture of Grupo Sesé has been consolidated after what started off as a slogan.

Cultura del Grupo SESÉ

Bearing these principles in mind from the first day has allowed us to convey this culture to the totality of our group of professionals who are spread over the entire world; conveying it to our clients is what has made it possible for us to be here.

 Sesé’s human team is today made up of over 8.000 people who are strongly committed to the attainment of this common project, which aims at achieving a business model as sustainable as possible without disregarding profitability.

In the future, we may change some things, but we will always keep what has brought us here; that Effort at the Service of our Customers.